Child Protection and Welfare

Training - Always Children First - Child Safeguarding Awareness Foundation Training

Child protection and welfare training for the early years sector in Clare is delivered by the Clare Childcare Committee. The role that early years practitioners have in the lives of children and their families means that they are uniquely placed to recognise when there are concerns about the safety, welfare or well-being of a child. Early years practitioners and services also have a responsibility for safeguarding the children in their care through their policies, procedures and practice. This one-day accredited training course looks at what constitutes child abuse, roles and responsibilities in reporting child protection and welfare concerns, child protection policy and safe work practices. This is a Child & Family Agency accredited module that has been developed for the early years sector.
- This training replaces the ‘Keeping Safe’ child protection training course.
- If staff have already completed Keeping Safe – this training is valid for 3 years from the date they attended this.
- Designated Liaison Persons (DLPs) and Deputy DLP's are now been targeted to attend this training.
- Only Trainers accredited to the programme can deliver the new module.
The training provides a quality assured child protection training module tailored to the practice needs of the sector. Clare County Childcare Committee have been delivering this training now since 2014.

The Tusla website has very detailed information on the following areas:

Children First Presentation for Organisations:

What is abuse:

Reporting a concern:

Publications and Forms

New Guide on Child Protection for Parents
Please click here, to view the document Questions Asked to the Early Years Inspectorate from the Early Years Sector.

Guide for Early Years Services in completing their Child Protection and Welfare Policy: