Information for Childminders

Childminding - Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Childminder

Clare County Childcare Committee published a childminding support pack,”Childminding - Step by Step Guide to Becoming a Professional Childminder”
The pack was originally developed in collaboration with Cork, Kerry, South Tipperary and Waterford Childcare Committees. The Step by Step Guide is an invaluable tool for all childminders who care for children in their own home, assisting childminders to plan and organise their childminding service. For childminders caring for 3 or less children, it will enable them to meet the requirements to voluntary notify their childminding service to the Clare County Childcare Committee. The guide also provides information on how to become a notified childminder with the Health Service Executive – a childminder who is caring for 4 but not more than 5 children in their family home. This pack provides detailed and practical information and easy to follow guidelines to becoming a Childminder and covers areas such as tax relief, appropriate policies and procedures, health and safety awareness, insurance, Garda vetting, notification, a flexible daily routine, training etc.

For further information on the pack please contact Our office on 065 6864862.

Tax Relief for Childminders

To qualify for the Childminders' tax relief, you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. The exemption applies only if the total income in a tax year does not exceed €15,000.
  2. No deductions of any kind are allowed.
  3. You must be childminding no more than 3 children at any one time in your own home.
  4. The exemption must be claimed in an annual tax return, accompanied by evidence of notification.
  5. A separate notification must be made in respect of each tax year for which the exemption is claimed.
  6. A claim for relief under this section does not affect mortgage interest relief nor capital gains tax relief if you sell your house.
  7. This income will not affect your entitlement to home carer tax relief.

Even if you are a PAYE worker elsewhere part-time, (for example, mornings in Tesco), you can still claim the Childminding tax relief for minding children after school.

Garda Vetting for Childminders

Childminders can contact Barnardos to receive an information pack on Garda Vetting.  This will also automatically register them with the organisation.  Please see contact details below.


(01) 4530355

Support for Parents

Childminding provides parents with the opportunity to have their children cared for in a home-based childcare setting. We have an updated list of Childminders who have current vacancies and their contact details are made available to parents who contact the office looking for a childminder. Although we do not recommend any childminder, we can enable contact between childminders and parents.

An information booklet for parents – ‘Choosing a Childminder – A Guide for Parents’ which offers assistance to parents when sourcing home-based childcare is available from our office.