Tusla Registration Process

The Tusla re registration process for Early Years Services is currently available on the Tusla portal. This is for services that have a current registration date of 2016.


For Early Years Services with no School Age Childcare:

For those operating an Early Years’ Service only, this process in now available on the portal.

Planning and fire certification are the remit of the local authority and only they can answer your queries.


A guide to School Age and Re-Registration



Fire and Planning Requirements for Early Years Services Re-Registration



School Age Childcare Policies Registration Checklist



Please note, the online registration process, and this guidance document, is broken down into two types depending on the original registration date of your service:

  1. Services that were originally registered as an Early Years Service under the SDF process in June 2016. Information on the online application process for these services is outlined in Section 1 of this document, pages 6 – 9.

  1. Services that were originally registered as an Early Years Service after June 2016 (not through the SDF process). Information on the online application process for these services is outlined in Section 2 of this document, pages 10 - 12.

Please follow the instructions as applicable to your service type.

Please also find link above to Fire and Planning Requirements document for Early Years Re-Registration only.

General queries regarding the overall application process can be made to: sac.registration@tusla.ie,

Queries specifically regarding school age applications must be made to: sac.registration@tusla.ie

Queries regarding early years content of applications must be made to: ey.registration@tusla.ie

For any technical issues regarding the online portal please contact portalsupport@tusla.ie 


Documents for Registration:

In relation to the documentation required below please refer to the letter issued by the DCYA on the 27th November 2019.


• Garda vetting/Police vetting for proposed registered provider and person in charge (if different).

• Two references in respect of the proposed registered provider, and in respect of the person in charge (if different).

• In the case of sole providers and child minders garda vetting for the second or emergency person.

• Floor plan of the interior design of the centre giving details of the dimensions of all rooms intended for children’s use, also indicating owner’s/staff rooms.

• Plan of any outdoor area available for children’s use.

• Evidence of registration from Companies Registration Office, where applicable.

• Proof of identity of the proposed registered provider (copy of passport or driving licence are the only acceptable documents).

• Copy of the Certificate of Insurance or written confirmation of insurance cover.

• Copy of Statement of Purpose and Function

• Copy of Safety Statement

• Copy of Policy on Managing Behaviour

• Copy of Complaints Policy

• Copy of Policy on Administration of Medication

• Copy of Policy on Infection Control

• Copy of Policy on Safe Sleep

• Copy of planning permission for service (if not available please see guidance note).

• Copy of fire safety certification documentation if available, (if not available please see guidance note).

• Details of Board of Management. (Please provide: Name, Role and Function).

• Garda vetting for Members of Boards who have access to children. (Please provide: Certificate(s) of Disclosure).