DVD for Traveller Parents

A DVD for Traveller Parents was produced by Clare County Childcare Committee entitled:  Your Child’s Journey, Choosing Childcare – a Support for Traveller Parents. 

The Aim of the DVD is:

• To provide information and support to Traveller parents who may be thinking about sending their child/children to a childcare service.
• To support Traveller parents in accessing integrated childcare services.
• To raise awareness of the benefits of integration for all.

The Objectives of the DVD are:

• To support Traveller Parents in making an informed decision about accessing childcare.
• To ease the transition from home to childcare for Traveller Parents by familiarising them with the process.
• To support the process of integration.
• To promote the importance of supporting a child’s cultural identity in childcare.

The content of the DVD is in response to the issues identified in Consultations with Traveller Parents and Childcare Staff (both Settled and Travellers) as part of Clare County Childcare Committee’s research into Travellers Experiences of Childcare Services in County Clare (2009).  Feedback was also obtained from the Co-ordinator of the ‘éist’ Project in Pavee Point Travellers Centre.

Sections of the DVD:

Section One: Types of Childcare
Section Two: Starting in Childcare
Section Three: The Value of Learning through Play
Section Four: Making Friends
Section Five: The Value of Routine
Section Six: Preparing for School
Section Seven: Identity and Belonging
Section Eight: The Benefits of Childcare

There is a Booklet for Facilitators with the DVD which outlines the format for sessions when showing the DVD, available support information and useful contacts.

A Checklist for Traveller Parents to take away as a reminder is also part of the above and symbols have been added to assist parents with literacy difficulties.

Clare County Childcare Committee have provided information sessions to childcare committees and agencies working with Traveller Parents.  We have disseminated 300 copies of the DVD to assist in the delivery of the Training.  We also provided DVD’s to the Tutors that were trained to deliver the Diversity and Equality in Childcare FETAC (QQI) Level 5 module.